The Death of Film 2012 With Claudia Winkleman

The BBC’s film review show has gone through a few changes but have they been of benefit?

For a long time, the BBC has been broadcasting ‘Film 2012’ for each respective year and has given us news and most importantly thorough in depth reviews of the latest movie releases. Barry Norman was the first and set the precedent for Jonathan Ross to take over. Then he left and the BBC went momentarily insane, they changed the shows format and put… Claudia Winkleman in the hosts chair. Has the show been ruined forever? Pretty much.

Let’s start with the host, imagine if Gary Lineker left match of the day and was replaced by someone not associated with football in any way or didn’t watch football but was a TV personality. Maybe someone like Amy Childs from TOWIE? Would she talk about her fancy vaginal piercing’s with Alan Hansen? It would be a disaster, this is essentially what has happened with ‘Film 2012’ by placing Claudia Winkleman as the host and with respect they should have probably a put a stuffed owl in her place or a decomposing trout.

Jonathan Ross wasn’t a film expert by any means but having avidly watched him review films brilliantly for several years you could safely say he knew what he was talking about. As for Claudia, you watch the show and notice that she doesn’t really have an opinion and just likes every film she’s ever seen. In fact, her opinion is almost completely pointless and provides no input about the film she has reviewed. She just rants on like a mad horse talking about good lighting, nice hats, how well the actors are breathing and other pointless toss. Her opinion is so useless that they’ve brought in a co host (Danny Leigh) who is a proper film critic who genuinely knows what he’s talking about. I feel sorry for the guy, I’m surprised he hasn’t slapped her silly yet or told her to fvck off or started throwing his hot steaming turds at her.

Then there’s the format change which is equally as terrible like someone in charge of production at the BBC must have been sat at home one night watching ‘Strictly Come Dancing: It takes two’ and thought that is a wonderful show and why not apply that format to ‘Film 2012’? Oooh so we can tweet live to Claudia Winkleman?! Text her saying how much we loved that new Jennifer Aniston film? It’s not really added much to the show except you can tell her she’s a fvcking idiot on national TV. Then they have some kid who tells us who his favorite auteurs are and shit like that. To be honest, the sort of people who now watch ‘Film 2012’ because they like Claudia Winkleman aren’t going to know what a fvcking auteur is or care for that matter.

For someone like me who doesn’t get the chance to go to the cinema on a frequent basis, it’s nice to have a good and honest review from someone’s opinion I trust so if I like what they have to say about it then I may go watch it. Why place someone with so little knowledge of film as host of a film review show? Unless it’s a film with Jennifer Aniston in, she doesn’t have a fvcking clue. It’s not that I don’t like Claudia, she’s lovely and is a victim of poor decision making by the BBC but to have a show which doesn’t provide what it is meant to be about proves it doesn’t work and like a wounded fox hit by a speeding car now needs to be put out of it’s misery. The BBC did the same thing with ‘Top of the Pops’ and look what happened to that.


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