Everybody is going to be so pumped for the Dark Knight Rises after watching this.

Last week we bought you an exclusive look at the first six minutes of the Dark Knight Rises – which was filmed really badly on an iPhone in the cinema – and it looked kind of epic but the fact that it was filmed on an iPhone and that Bane’s voice was completely indecipherable kind of ruined the whole thing. It did look pretty cool though, and Mayor Tommy Carcetti from The Wire was in it, so most people were’t too bummed out about it, although those crazy internet message boards are going pretty crazy about just how Bane’s voice sounds.

Most of those fears will be dispelled though by how awesome this new trailer that was just released looks. Sure, Bane is still pretty hard to understand but Catwoman looks pretty dirty and there’s a pretty amazing scene where Bane attacks a football stadium (you know, the scene that Jerkstore was actually in!). The rest of the trailer is pretty standard stuff for a movie like this – a bunch of foreboding shots and characters saying stuff that inspires dread in your stomach, then lots of fast clips of action scenes with some dramatic music. It looks SO good though. There’s also some really cool chanting of ‘This is Gotham Gotham! This is Gotham, Gotham’ over and over again towards the end of the trailer which sounds pretty dramatic/epic, even if I can only speculate as to what it’s actually about. Probably the only movie I’ve been genuinely excited about for a while.

Check out the new Dark Knight Rises trailer below:

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