The Czech Police Have Said That Even Nudists Have To Wear Face Masks

Tough times.

For every deadly serious Coronavirus headline you read, there seems to be one that’s equally ridiculous and here once again is another one of them.

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Over in the Czech Republic, Czech police have been forced to tell nudists that they must wear protective masks when they’re hanging around naked after 100 or so of them descended on the Czech spa town of Lázně Bohdaneč over the weekend. Probably would have said that they needed to take note of social distancing as well, but maybe the Czechs are doing it differently to the Brits over here.

(Actually yeah, they are making everyone wear a face mask over there instead of doing social distancing. Guess we’ll see who that turns out best for in a couple of months.)

Here’s what police spokeswoman Markéta Janovská had to say about the situation:

Unfortunately, the sunbathing citizens were in one place in larger numbers and some did not even have a mask.

Citizens can be without clothes in places designated for this purpose, but they must have their mouths covered and must observe the numbers in which they can go into nature.

We understand that many people do not have a garden and want to ventilate in the countryside.

But we all want one thing in common: fully respecting government regulations, so that the measures taken can be gradually released.

Yeah I mean I think they should probably be cranking down on the fact that nudists are even heading out into the country and taking all their clothes off and chilling with other nudists when there’s a global pandemic that can be easily transmitted through such activity rather than hanging onto the point about their face masks. Where the heck is the common sense – although you can apply that to pretty much anywhere in the world right now I guess.

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