Larry from the Plump DJs takes part in the first of a new series on Sick Chirpse – The Chirpse Files

SICK CHIRPSE: def. To pull a SICK CHIRPSE is to achieve an accomplishment of high standard in the most impressive way while keeping your cool; It can be achieved by bending the truth.

‘I pulled the sickest chirpse last night when I managed to blag my way backstage at that festival by pretending I was a big time press dude!’

‘I didn’t even have to ask for that girl’s number, she just gave it me after I told her my cousin chooses the models for American Apparel fashion shoots’

With this in mind, all sick chirpse interviews for the chirpse files aim to break the mould of the standard press interview and simply find out how much of a player the interviewee is; with three questions designed to determine the ‘level of sickness’ that this dude possesses when it comes to the important things in life.

Larry from the Plump DJs was the first to take part, check out his answers below and make sure you check out the Plump DJs at the Grand Hotel label launch tomorrow night at XOYO.

1. Tell us about a sick chirpse you pulled off recently?

I managed to put a $ex chair on our wedding list and someone bought it for us.

2. What’s the sickest chirpse you’ve ever pulled off at work?

Persuaded the company that I was working for that they needed to employ me for a job that did not even exist at that company at the time.

3. What’s the sickest chirpse you’ve pulled off on the opposite $ex?

Told a girl that I did not like that I was a super star DJ to put her off and it worked.


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