Are You Ready For The Buckfast Challenge?


Anti-social louts, now is your time to shine.

Buckfast – what started out as a modest tonic wine, created by monks back in the 1890s has turned into a budget booze that is associated with anti-social youths.

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Obviously, with the reputation it has, there had to be some sort of drinking challenge to go with it, so I decided to head to YouTube to find out. What I discovered is that the Buckfast challenge is about as sophisticated and complex as the drink itself. It involves necking a bottle of Buckfast in the quickest time possible (preferably in under a minute). Yes it really is that simple:

Although it seems simple and this geezer managed it in just 20 seconds, I probably wouldn’t recommend trying this challenge yourself. After all, people have died from necking bottles of wine in one, so if you’re going to enjoy a tipple of Bucky, do it at a reasonable pace.

Definitely don’t do what this guy did and neck an entire bottle of Jack Daniels in 13 seconds. Geezer’s got a death wish.


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