The Bronx Are Back

The Bronx are returning to their stellar day job in time for summer 2012.

For anyone who had their head screwed on music wise in the 00’s there’s been some absolutely bad man news in recent weeks — The Bronx are back. For those unfamiliar, these lads screamed out of LA in 2003 with their snarling eponymous debut which fast became an underground hit, containing an opening track so visceral you needed a seatbelt to listen to it.  Produced by poodle rock veteran Gilby Clark, the band established themselves as the hottest shit around with a live show that is louder than Motorhead, sweatier than Rick Waller’s gooch and more fun than chonging some sweet crystal meth and going paintballing.

Delivering on their hype, they then spent the rest of the decade, touring the shit out of everywhere, churning out two more high energy classic LP’s and picked up a Queens of The Stone Age style riff laden groove as they cemented their reputation as the best punk band of the new millennium.

Managing to avoid the modern rock pitfalls of ham fisted political stances, haircuts and vacuous celebrity bints as birds, The Bronx are a punk band you can admit to loving aged 23 and not feel like a top douchesack.

Check out this video of third album stonker ‘Inveigh’ for an example of what their good times, hard rocking schtick is all about.

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Taking a break from decimating grimy dance floors, the lads chucked the world a massive curveball by ditching their hardcore sound and recording two critically acclaimed albums as a traditional Mexican folk outfit, Mariachi el Bronx.  Pretty cool right? It was surprisingly not super shit, see 48 Roses below and get involved you schmuck.

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Anyway, the last time they got properly lairy on record was a good four years ago and with members chipping in with all sorts of side projects there were rumblings wondering if they would ever go back to their day job, but just recently they have just announced work on The Bronx No.4 is well under way and have added a string of European festival dates for early summer; don’t bet against them adding more soon. With At The Drive-In, The Refused and The Bronx returning to action this summer, it may well be high time to take off those absurd Beats by Dre, switch of that gnarly new guido-step track you’ve been jinxing to and remember those halcyon days when a shoddy spliff, a pathetically small amount of riskily accrued hooch and some loud guitars were enough for serious sweet times. Amen sister, Amen.


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