Solving crime and nourishing minds: Rastamouse, a contemporary hero

Alright alright, no need to cry. I know it’s sad, and it is really really sad, that our brightly coloured and somewhat psycadelic post school/Saturday morning TV buddies have all but buggered off to some unfathomably swank hand-drawn party in the sky and left us here instead to endure Dick(head) and Dom(ass) during our pre-work shave/Saturday morning (Friday night runoff) time.

Now there must only be few of us out there, if any, who haven’t shared their heartfelt woe with friends round the drinking table after finding out that Super-Ted is dead; Bananaman has long been banged up for being a paedophile; or even welled up, when faced with the shear unpalatability of seeing our Toad duelling heroes Buckey O’Hare and Blinkey, the cycloptic robot, sell their souls to Swiftcover car insurance (or was that actually some crack-ridden plastic spastic and equally unnerving puppet?).

What I am talking about here is the fall in children’s TV. Enter Rastamouse, a new stop-motion masterpiece, and potential saviour of CBBC. Rastamouse, Zoomer, and Scratchy; or the ‘Easy Crew’ as they are collectively known are the reggae-playing, crime-fighting, mystery-solving trio who take centre stage, helping the townsfolk in wonderfully colourful attire (quintessential Rastafarian beanie and gold chain? – you knows it). A walkie-talkie keeps them in immediate contact with President Wensly Dale (get it?), who turns to them when noone else can solve Mouseland’s daily dilemma, which one can only imagine, is usually something to do with missing cheese.

the easy crew

Now I am not going to be so bold as to shout to the hills, “TV’s done it again, we all gotta get back infront of the box and check this thing out!” but I seriously recommend that you check it out next time you’re on that bathtime-boredom-beauty, BBC iPlayer.

Check out here for a link to the episode – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00yc7zt

There are currently seven episodes available and apparently there are going to be some 52 in total. We are all eagerly waiting, hoping they (dem responsible, that is) can maintain the standard laid down by episode one, ‘Da Crucial Plan’.

I’ve got to say, I really love the ethics of this fvcking show (not to mention it’s crazy take on the Queen’s English) – steal from everyone, get collared, apologise profusely, even cry (about being lonely and fat), land a job in the orphanage – boom. Maybe it’s suggesting that after wronging others one should repay their debt to society with a good deed. personally I just think President Wesley Dale is on the cheddar.

how can any show with this dude not smash it?

Anyway here it is let’s give it up for the Easy Crew – here to stay and “makin’ a bad ting good!”


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