The BBC Just Admitted That Part Of ‘Planet Earth II’ Is Faked



The return of ‘Planet Earth’ to our screens after a decades long absence has been warmly received by pretty much everyone in the country, but some viewers weren’t too happy with some elements of the third episode on Sunday night.

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A few people took to Twitter to moan about how the sound effects were coming across as fake, particularly when talking about a jaguar munching down on the skull of a caiman and the sound of a millipede’s footsteps:

Well, it turns out these guys were right to complain as the BBC was actually overdubbing sound effects into these segments of the shows – and possibly others. Here’s what they said in a statement:

Range and ambient noise ensure quite a lot of wild sounds simply cannot be recorded in the field due to the limited range of microphones.

As a result, wildlife film-makers often turn to sound designers to recreate something that sounds like it would in the wild — a soundtrack that is true to nature.

This is done with the goal of creating a sense of a wild place, as well as emotion and drama.

I mean, that’s fair enough really isn’t it? You can’t really blame these guys for not being able to pick up each and every tiny sound. I watched that episode and it didn’t even bother me at all to be honest – think all those keyboard warriors on Twitter need to give it a break and just appreciate how spectacular the show is anyway.

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