Take A Look Inside Thailand’s Most Disturbing Tourist Destination (PHOTOS)


Seriously messed up.

Cultures that are different to your own often have bizarre rituals and imagery that might seem completely screwed up to someone on the outside looking in, but to those involved with it they are perfectly normal. That’s just the way of the world.

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The Wat Pham Ta Pan temple in southern Thailand is the perfect example of this. The temple offers a journey through Buddhist heaven and hell via its statues and monuments.

The place itself is sort of abandoned and decrepit, and this only serves to make it all the more creepy. Check out a bunch of photographs from the site below to get a real feel for it:








Geez, if you didn’t know any better then you would probably expect Buddhism to be a Satanic religion that ritualistically murders people on the reg. That place looks completely terrifying and fucked up – I still wanna visit it and check it out myself though. I bet it’s really silent and eerie walking through it.

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