TGI Friday’s Is Inviting You To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With The Together Table

TGI Together Table

The new table allows you to move closer to your date if you’re ‘feeling it’.

A first date is always a tricky proposition and even more so if for some reason you’ve decided to go out for dinner because of it – I mean I know it’s traditional but you could be spending a lot of time and money on something shitty when a couple of drinks might have sufficed, just saying – but TGI Fridays have decided to help you out with their new ‘Together Table’.

Brought in this week to celebrate Valentine’s Day, The Together Table allows its diners to move closer towards one each other via a button if they’re having a really good time on the date or I guess move further apart if they find the other one completely repulsive. I suppose that gives you some kind of an indication, but it also might completely ruin the date?

Here’s how a few people managed to utilise it:

I mean that’s kinda stupid isn’t it but I suppose it might be a bit of fun – the two girls seemed to be having a good time at least? It’s not often you’re gonna have that kinda experience when you’re out for a meal I guess so it might be slightly fun.

Yeah I mean I’m not sure if this is really the right fit for Valentine’s Day to be honest? Surely nobody goes on a first date on Valentine’s Day, so you’re gonna be hoping that they’re into you if you’re going out with them to celebrate?

Not really sure if moving closer is that good either as it could be kinda awkward and kinda creepy if one person is into it but the other one keeps moving away. Fair play to Friday’s for trying something new out though – just a shame they’re only keeping it in a week and not longer so we can check out some more ‘hilarious’ results.

It’s on at Leicester Square all this week if you wanna try and get a reservation or surprise your girlfriend there. Also, if you think this is fun maybe, check out these buttons that also let you know if you’re partner is feeling horny as well. Finally a a way to tell.


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