This Christmas, TGI Fridays Is Becoming The World’s First Virtual Reality Restaurant


Another reason to hit up TGI Friday’s this Christmas.

To make Christmas extra special this year for everyone visiting their restaurants this year, TGI Fridays have pulled out a UK first by incorporating a virtual reality experience into your meal this year.

You’ll rock up to the restaurant as usual and order your potato skins and ribs, then whilst you’re waiting for them to arrive you’ll be presented with a virtual reality headset that will simulate a ride with the snow dogs across Lapland. Apparently half of Britain wishes they were able to head over there at this time of year, so Fridays thought they would do the next best thing and bring the dogs to you.

The headsets themselves are state of the art, filling the user’s entire field of vision to create a fully immersive experience that allows full 360 degree accessibility of what it’s like to race through the snow at breathtaking speeds being pulled along by huskies. In short, it looks breathtaking.

You can see what the experience looks like in the video below:

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Looks loads of fun right? I know that I would welcome the opportunity to not have to be stuck in conversation with whoever I was going to TGI Fridays with whilst I was waiting for food to come, so those headsets look like a great idea.

Seriously though, they’re probably more designed to stimulate kids whilst they’re waiting for their food-  and the fact is they’re going to lap this up and absolutely love it. I dare say a bunch of adults are going to be absolutely fascinated by it too because it’s a wholly unique experience the likes I’ve never seen before.

Combine this incredible new feature with their first ever Christmas menu – including the Stuck in the Chimney Stack Burger which features a 7oz beef burger piled high with Jack Daniel’s sage and onion stuffing, a chicken breast, Swiss cheese and caramelised onions – and it seems like I’ll inevitably be making a stop off at the restaurant this Xmas. Probably on Christmas Eve in my hometown, as that’s usually the case.

For more immersive virtual reality experiences, check out this incredible looking gaming centre over in Melbourne. Get one over here ASAP.


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