Teyana Taylor Dry F*cked A Woman’s Brains Out In Front Of A Packed Audience

Mama mia!

Mama mia! That’s somebody’s daughter up there! Although she couldn’t resist a cheeky grope so I’m sure she’s more than OK with it. Let’s hope there were no children in attendance though because that was threatening to go full-on NSFW at any moment there.

You might remember Teyana Taylor from her wicked performance in Kanye West’s ‘Fade’ video…

Blimey. Not hard to tell she’s an absolute sex machine just from watching that. I mean how do you even keep up in the sack with someone like this?

Apparently giving lap dances to fans and friends is a staple of Teyana’s live shows…

What a performer. At least we can say that no penises were harmed in the making of these videos. Not sure we can say the same for the watching of these videos though.

To meet the lad who got battered by a stripper after telling her she was fat and needed to lose weight, click HERE. Bad move – not like learning how to make the best of your online bingo gaming experience.


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