Students Actually Used A Cat’s Intestines As Jump Rope Material In Class (VIDEO)

Cats Intestines Texas School


Over at Churchill High School in San Antonio, Texas, a bunch of high school students thought it would be a good idea to use a cat’s intestine as a skipping rope in their anatomy class with the blessing of their teacher. Naturally, they decided to Snapchat this as well and now the whole world is disgusted with them.

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PETA (of course) were quick to offer their two cents, saying that classes involving the dissection of animals can foster callousness towards living beings, and that the use of an intestine as a jump rope was a pretty sad example of this in practice. I imagine most people would probably agree with that analysis of the situation, be they vegan or meat eaters.

Amazingly, despite the outrage of the world, the teacher won’t be disciplined by the school. She argued that she was taught the same lesson as a student and that it demonstrated how long and tough intestines are. Well, I suppose she is kinda right about that in fairness to her.

North East Independent School District spokeswoman, Aubrey Chancellor, had this to say about the incident:

This lesson really was not meant to be disrespectful or degrading in any way. And when the teacher found out that that’s how it was being portrayed, they were actually very upset about it.

Many students have defended the teacher in question, stating that she’s passionate about her job and very inspiring.

Well yeah, that’s probably only because she lets them doss around with cat’s intestines and use them as skipping ropes in her lessons. I would probably have loved to have had a teacher like that.

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