VIDEO: Public School Teacher Gives Mental Confessions On Camera

Masked Public School Teacher

Being a public school teacher sounds absolutely awful.

I’ve often thought that being a teacher must be one of the hardest and most unrelentingly thankless jobs in the world, as having to deal with a bunch of little brats who have no respect for you when you’re just trying to help them every single day doesn’t sound fun to me. I’m sure it has its rewards, but I’m sure most of the days feel like they go on forever too.

It seems like some of my suspicions have been confirmed as well thanks to the video below from our friends over at VICE. In it, a public school teacher wears a mask and has her voice distorted as she confesses some of the true realities of her job to the camera. And boy, does she have a lot to get off her chest as the regular swearing and anger seen through the interview illustrates. I can’t really say I blame her when you hear what she has to deal with though:

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Yikes. That sounds even worse than I thought it would. Sure, she is dealing with public school in America but I doubt some places over here are much better than that really. I mean there can’t be much worse than getting hit on by your kids’ parents when you’re supposed to be discussing their work.

Actually, having someone arrested for murder during your class probably takes top honours there. Grim.

For a slightly less upsetting look at teaching, check out this teacher getting totally rejected by another one live on Snapchat.


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