Texas Man Has Meltdown After Restaurant Can’t Get Shredded Cheese For Wife’s Fajita

People are the worst.

Emerging from lockdown and heading back to your favourite pubs and restaurants is going to be fraught with problems, but hopefully for all those restaurant owners out there it isn’t going to be full of people like the guy below who had a full on meltdown after they couldn’t provide shredded cheese for his wife’s fajita.

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The Texas man obviously took to Twitter to vent his views about the Mi Cocina restaurant over in Allen,  where he complained that he had asked four different people for the shredded cheese and had been waiting 18 minutes for an answer. It’s especially terrible because it was the only way that his wife could eat fajitas, so she was left there starving.

He topped the whole tweet off by saying that it was unacceptable and that we need to stop blaming Coronavirus for crappy service, which is a whole new energy and disregard for the service restaurants literally risking their lives so he can even have the option to have his crappy fajita.

Needless to say, the internet was not kind:

I mean these people aren’t wrong. Even though it would be annoying under normal circumstances about being ignored by the staff in a restaurant, it’s still funny that anyone would get so pissed off about the lack of cheese on a fajita as it’s the only way they can eat it, because that literally doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. It doesn’t even add that much to the taste of a fajita. And with all that food there surely you would just take one for the team and chow in? Surely it can’t be that necessary?

As it is though, in the current situation, it seems super selfish to even go to a restaurant to me when these workers are out there literally risking their lives. I’m sure they’re doing their best so just cool it with the complaining Karen yeah. It’s a new time for everyone and there’s bound to be some teething problems. Remember that before you head out this weekend over here as well.

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