A Texas Man Has Been Arrested For Chasing Protesters With A Chainsaw (VIDEO)


We’ve seen a load of videos of the protests in America getting a bit out of hand, but I definitely think this one coming out fo Texas has to be the wildest one yet as it shows a man chasing protesters with a literal chainsaw, kinda like that scene from ‘American Psycho’.

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The guy is clearly a racist as he rocks up in his car and heads on out to the protesters with his chainsaw in some small town called McAllen, yelling a stream of obscenities at them that include the N word. Get a load of this:

Wow, that really is nuts isn’t it? Not really sure why this guy hates black people so much himself as he’s clearly an ethnic minority himself which makes his stance on the whole situation even more confusing. I guess that’s just what’s going on in 2020 though.

The McAllen police department did announce that they had him in custody later on though thanks to the reaction that they had received from sharing the post on Twitter, so I suppose that’s something at least.

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