A Texas Brewery Has Released A Beer Made With Buffalo Chicken Sauce

The collaboration we never knew we needed.

Buffalo wings and beer are two of the most quintessential American things of all time, so it makes sense that someone would team them up for a buffalo wing flavour craft beer, the only question is why it’s taken so long?

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The brewery behind the collaboration is located in Fort Worth, Texas – of course it’s located in Texas – and has teamed up with Frank’s legendary Red Hot Sauce to give its beer that extra kick. Here’s the promo blurb about it:

Yeah, not really sure how I feel about that to be honest – do you really need to add buffalo chicken to a beer? – but a few of the reviews are in and people seem to be enjoying it, so I guess there’s that:

Yeah that colour is hardly appetising is it, but I’m still intrigued. Doubt I’ll be able to get my hands on one any time soon though, unless someone wants to send me one?

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