‘Tetris The Movie’ Will Start Filming This Year Even Though There’s Still No Plot


How and why?

The idea for a Tetris movie has been about since 2014 and while everyone loves Tetris and everyone loves movies, it was pretty difficult to envision how the two would merge.

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Since its announcement everyone sort of forgot about it but a recent update has told how the movie has enough funding to make a trilogy and the company behind the films, Threshold Global Studios, said that it is gunning for this to be a blockbuster success.

That’s all very well and good except for the minor pitfall – they haven’t actually got a storyline or plot yet. Yes that’s right – the producers, who are a blend of Chinese and US financers, have reportedly put $80 million into the project but they still don’t really know what it’s going to be about.

At first it was going to be a sci-fi (pretty vague), then a social network drama about Soviet game designer Alexey Pajitnov and now it seems that they are back on the sci-fi vibe. Co-producer Larry Kasanoff said:

It’s not at all what you think, it will be a cool surprise.

Yeah probably a surprise for them and us alike by the sounds of it. Still, Threshold have released a statement saying they are going to start filming this year so it does seem like ‘Tetris the Movie’ could actually happen. Now they just need to get their arses in gear and come up with a plot.

Here’s hoping they will use this for the theme song:


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