This Easy Test Will Tell You If You’re Going To Go Bald Or Not

Ross Kemp

Take the test if you dare.

One of the biggest things men have to worry about when it comes to ageing (aesthetically) is going bald. Is it going to happen? And if so, will you look good with a shaved head? Toupee or not toupee? That is the question.

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Of course the worry isn’t without reason. In the UK nearly 40% of men will go bald. That’s a lot of shiny heads.

However, luckily men can now take a test to find out if they will lose their hair. A recent study conducted the largest survey of male baldness that has ever been carried out and the findings could finally lead to a cure.

The study concluded that men inherit their baldness from their mum’s side of the family AND that 80% of baldness is down to genetics. So, although the test might not be 100% accurate, you can find out if you’ve got the bald gene simply by looking at your mum’s male relatives.


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Furthermore, the study discovered that it is the male sex hormones including androgen that cause hair loss and having too much of this can make men’s hair fall out as they get older. Therefore, researchers are now developing an even more accurate test to predict whether an individual will go bald or not. Dr Riccardo Marioni, from the University of Edinburgh, explained.

These results take us one step closer. The findings pave the way for an improved understanding of the genetic causes of hair loss.

Then all they need to do is find a cure. Simple. Then again, do we even need a cure? According to this study, bald men are the smartest, coolest and most masculine men.


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