A Tesco Worker Who Farted In His Colleague’s Face Is Now Being Sued For £20,000


Whoever said the rhyme did the crime.

Back in the day, if you farted on one of your mates then it was probably greeted with tears of laughter and whilst I admit this attitude towards farting on each other hasn’t exactly been carried into the workplace, I wouldn’t expect to be getting sued for doing something as base as that.

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This is the situation that some Tesco workers find themselves in now though after 42 year old Atif Masood is suing an unnamed worker for £20,000 after an unnamed worker farted in his face. Massod is claiming that the farting amounts to bullying and racist discrimination towards him which is why he feels he should be awarded these damages, with his legal papers saying the following:

I was called a liar and told that Muslims were terrorists. I was a victim of unwanted conduct which had the purpose or effect of violating my dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating and/or offensive’ [situation], and in the act of breaking wind in the claimant’s face, a smelly environment for him because of his race.



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Tesco themselves are disputing the claim despite the fact that they have admitted to possessing video footage which confirms that the farting incident did take place. I suppose they are wrangling over whether or not it was racially motivated to avoid the phat payout, but really they should probably fire the people who bullied this guy – even if it wasn’t racist it’s not cool to fart in someone’s face – and offer him some form of compensation. It would go a long way to promoting the image of the company – just saying.

The hearing is set for next year so I suppose we’re in limbo over that until then. In the meantime, check out this guy farting at work for six months and recording it. Legend.


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