Tesco Are Now Selling Alcoholic Ice Pops

Pimms Pops

Summer 2018.

There’s no denying that summer 2018 has been one of the best in recent memory but the thing is that it’s only just getting started, with at least another month of BBQs and great weather on the way.

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And it also looks like it’s about to get even better with the introduction of these alcoholic ice pops from Tesco. The clue is pretty much in the name, but they’re ice pops that will literally get you licked from eating/licking them.


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They’re called Pimm’s POPS and they’re lemonade flavoured and only 32 calories, which seems pretty crazy for an alcoholic ice based beverage/treat. They’re also 4.3% which makes them stronger than most lagers and they’re cheaper than most of them too, setting you back just £2.50 for two of the 80ml lollies.

Yeah, that’s a bit more than your regular ice pop sure, but when you’re getting loaded as well who is actually gonna care about that? Just make sure you remember your ID at the checkout.

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