Tesco Have Launched Battered Vegan Brussel Sprouts For Christmas

There’s absolutely no denying that the worst part of a Christmas meal is definitely the sprouts, so let’s give Tesco a massive cheer for switching that around and possibly turning them into the best part with their battered vegan brussel sprouts.

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OK so they’re no pigs in blankets, but you know that these are going to improve your Christmas dinner dramatically. Why? Well, everything tastes better when it’s battered – that’s just a fact and vegans do tend to try really hard to make fake foods much nicer than their non vegan equivalents, so I’m fairly confident this is going to be a smasher. (I know brussel sprouts are vegan anyway and they’re talking about the batter here, but they’re still going to try really hard with it so let me have it hey)

The battered brussel sprouts are going to be available from December 9th and will set you back just £3, which looks like a pretty good deal as judging by the promo pictures you’re going to get around ten of them. Can’t wait to add these badboys to my Christmas dinner and never have to grimace at the thought of chowing down on more sprouts after putting my first one down. Real life savers.

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