Tesco Have Been Completely Rinsed For Terrible Pun Before England V Denmark

Own goal.

It’s only three hours until kick off and the whole country is pumped about the fact we’re heading into a semi final of the European Championships against Denmark, so obviously all your ‘favourite’ brands were going to try and cash in on this by getting involved as well.

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Sadly for Tesco though, their attempt at a pun/humour has been widely ridiculed after they came up with the following embarrassingly cringeworthy effort:

Oh dear. That really is painful isn’t it? Anyway, here’s a few of the more colourful insults flying around about it, including an effort from rival supermarket Iceland that isn’t much better but certainly a cut above the original Tesco effort. Sainsbury’s also jumped in but just completely rinsed them too which was pretty funny.

Let’s hope that it really is coming home tonight and we’ve got more to remember from this tournament than these awful puns. Let’s go!

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