Terry’s Chocolate Orange McFlurry Is The Dopest New McDonald’s Menu Item


Nom nom nom.

Say what you want about McDonald’s and the quality of their food, but I don’t think anyone could argue that there’s anything bad about a McFlurry. It’s just the perfect mix of ice cream and whatever topping you decide to put in it and I can’t believe that anyone who enjoys ice cream wouldn’t like it. And if you don’t like ice cream there’s something wrong with you anyway.

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The best part of the McFlurry is that McDonald’s are constantly innovating it by thinking of new toppings/fillings/whatever to go into it. Just in time for Christmas this year, they may very well have come up with the best version of it yet by partnering with Terry’s Chocolate Orange to bring you the Chocolate Orange McFlurry.

I’m sure you can guess what the deal here is – it’s just a McFlurry with crushed up Terry’s Chocolate Orange pieces in it – but I’m sure if you’ve ever eaten a Chocolate Orange then you can appreciate just how good this is going to taste. After launching today, everyone who’s been lucky enough to snap one up seems to be saying the same thing as well:

I mean yeah, if I ever even needed confirmation of how good this was going to be then there it is. Heading to McDonald’s as soon as I clock off work.

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