BREAKING: Nando’s Have Released Their First Ever Christmas Menu


Have yourself a very Peri Christmas.

Nando’s isn’t exactly known as a Christmas destination – you eat Turkey at Christmas not chicken, and I don’t think there’s anything overtly Christmassy about Portugal or Peri Peri sauce – but they’re trying to change that this year by releasing their first ever Christmas menu. And in fairness, it does look delicious.

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There are two parts to the Nando’s Christmas menu and first up is the Peri Berry Burger and it sounds pretty mega. It’s a boneless chicken thigh and a chicken breast fillet (liking two pieces in a bun) stuck in one of those famous Nando’s Portuguese buns and topped off with the Peri Berry Chutney. This is made with blackberries, cranberries and blueberries with a hint of that notorious Nando’s spice.

Literally does sound completely tasty and you can see from the picture of it up at the top of this article that it looks it too. Can’t wait to get it down me.


The other item they’re introducing for Christmas is the Peri Orange wings, which are essentially your regular Nando’s wings but with some orange in the glaze there to zest it up. Not really sure how that makes them that different to regular Nando’s wings or what orange glaze has to do with Christmas, but you’re still probably gonna whack a few of these on your order when you’re getting the burger.

The menu is going to be available from next Wednesday 16th November and will probably run all the way through to Christmas. Can’t wait to spend Christmas Day in Nando’s.

Did you know you can get breakfast there now too? You’ll be wanting to spend all day there at this rate.


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