Terminally Ill Businessman Uses Millions To Build Euthanasia Roller Coaster

Euthanasia roller coaster

He’s going out on his own terms.

The design of the euthanasia roller coaster has been around for years, but I don’t think anyone ever thought that it would actually be built because I mean literally what would be the point? Ain’t nobody gonna invest millions of pounds into a roller coaster that hardly anyone was going to ride and when they did, they would definitely end up dead. That’s the kind of thing that most theme parks try and avoid on their roller coasters, not encourage.

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However, one man has though decided to finally build the monster. He’s a terminally ill millionaire who decided to go out on his own terms, and you can see the truly depressing vignette about his final few days building the coaster and riding it below:

OK, so that movie wasn’t real and was made by a filmmaker called Glenn Paton, but it was probably more interesting and shocking to watch it for the first time believing that it was actually some guy doing this for real. Pretty harrowing last scene – the whole thing is very well done though to be fair. Probably wanna watch out for Glenn Paton in the future.

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