Tenant Catches Landlord Having Gay Sex And Using Her Wedding Dress As Towel (VIDEO)



When you rent a property off someone else, there’s always the risk that the landlord may visit it without your permission and do some crazy shit in there – even though they’re prevented from doing so by law – and a guy named Logan Pierce found this out to the extreme when he decided to install security cameras in his Colorado Springs apartment.

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Logan got an alert during the day from one of his cameras, which he immediately thought was strange as both he and his wife Mikaela DiGiulio were at work during this time. When he came to check the footage, he was dumbfounded as he viewed his landlord Carlos Quijada leading another man into his bedroom and proceeding to have sex with him for six minutes on his bed. The other guy then wiped up the mess with DiGiulio’s blue wedding dress.

Here’s some footage from the incident, courtesy of a local news report:

Gross. Following the discovery, Pierce and DiGiulio moved out of the apartment and are currently living in a hotel until they find a new place. 39 year old Quijada on the other hand is unsurprisingly being charged with trespassing and obscenity and is almost certain to go down considering they have footage of him on tape and DNA evidence from DiGiulio’s dress.

Doubt she’ll be keeping that for much longer if she ever gets it back, which is kind of a shame, although considering the whole situation it’s not even the most screwed up part really is it? Quijada is a really messed up dude to be doing this shit.

For more landlords, check out this guy who returned to his tenant’s house after three years to find it literally destroyed. I guess it pays to check in every now and again – just not whilst having sex with another dude.


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