These Photos Of The Most Disgusting Hotels In The World Will Make You Sick To Your Stomach

Worst Hotels

Have one guess what’s all over the elevators of the Las Vegas hotel in #7. One clue… it’s a type of bodily fluid.

Traveling, for business or pleasure, is a part of our lives. Just like tastes in movies it will vary, as in “where” and for how long? Europeans are more likely to be adventurous and take longer and more extensive international holidays. While, in 2014 a Google Consumer Survey indicated that only 13%of Americans planned an international vacation.

It’s like getting your haircut or going to a favorite restaurant, the Las Vegas odds are that if you do something frequently enough, you’ll have a bad experience. And here are ten of the worst.

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Worst Hotels 1

Possibly the worst hotel bathroom ever, this comes from an international traveler named “Aghi” at a place of lodging in Nukus, Uzbekistan. Colors that you generally don’t want to see in a bathroom are red, yellow and brown. And there’s a LOT of the latter two in this photo.

Worst Hotels 2

Red rum!! Red rum!! These mattresses of death were found by someone who stayed at the Quality Inn in Anaheim. Basic rule of thumb in life? If a business uses “Best”, “Executive”, “VIP” or “Quality” in their name, they’re trying too hard and usually for a reason.

Worst Hotel 3

Any savvy traveler knows that you should always look under your bed before checking out of a room. The Telegraph listed among the oddities found by housekeeping at Travelodges included a python and a bucket of live crabs. According to the Metro, a body was found under the mattress at the Hilton Garden Inn in NYC.  This was discovered by a flight attendant on layover near LaGuardia.

Worst Hotels 4

All  9 year-old are indoctrinated with the fear of starting a conflagration with something as innocuous as a magnifying glass, and experienced some sleepless nighst. Much like the evening spent by a flight attendant at her layover hotel in Mexico after seeing that an enterprising hotel employee had taken it upon themselves to make some simple repairs to a frayed lampcord.

Worst Hotels 5

Just as it’s impossible that baggage handlers or the post office will get every suitcase or letter to its exact location, it would be hard for housekeeping to catch every stray hair. But there are obvious places to look and these hairs in a Houston hotel bathroom would be pretty hard to miss.  In a parenting term, if you think hair in hotel rooms is bad, be re-directed by the Wikipedia  knowledge that the average human eats 40 pounds of hair in a lifetime.

Worst Hotels 6

This filthy phone was caught by a flight attendant on layover in Jacksonville. Fortunately it’s the only thing she caught. It appears that years of dead skin, lipstick, chewing tobacco and just-plain-dirt has left a permanent stain in the cradle.


The Flamingo in Las Vegas is a fantastic hotel but one wing’s bank of elevators, every single one, looked like this specimen.

Hotel Nightmares 1

Hotel Nightmares 2

Hotel Nightmares 4

Hotel Nightmares 5

Except for perhaps the bed, no piece of hotel furniture gets more of a work out than the chairs. So it’s not really a surprise at the sheer gamut of filth that has been deposited by previous travelers. Some stuff you just need to give housekeeping a pass on, but much more obvious stains beg the question “How did they possibly miss that?”

Worst Hotels 8

Giant Spiders

Hotel filth is pretty universal. You could find a toilet seat with crusted fecal matter, unfortunately, just about anywhere. Giant spiders on the wall? Maybe only in India.

Hotel Nightmares 6

It’s estimated that the average adult can hold four full cups of urine in their bladder overnight. The person who slept on this mattress? Not so much.

Grim to the max. Time to cheers ourselves up by checking out this girl with the world’s most perfect butt (actually).


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