Ten Of The Most Disgusting, Sinister And Disturbing Ren & Stimpy Moments

Ren and Stimpy

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I know I’m about to sound like an old wanker, but in this case I don’t really care – cartoons just aren’t what they used to be. Nothing exemplifies this better than the surreal and disturbing 90s classic ‘The Ren & Stimpy Show’.

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It’s been over a quarter of a century since this show traumatised us as children and every time I think back to it, I worry that the younger generation has become a bit soft. There is no way that the bleak imagery and adult themes would make it to the production stage these days to be shown on prime-time television. Some drip of a producer would claim that it’s too disturbing for children’s eyes. Which is totally wrong – I grew up on this shit and I’m a totally fine, functioning human being now… ahem.

Anyway, as homage to the fucked up cartoon duo, we’re looking back at ten of the most disturbing, fucked up and NSFL Ren & Stimpy moments. Brace yourself:

10) When Ren plucked nerve-endings out of his mouth

9) When Ren beats in his own skull with a claw hammer 

8) When Ren and Stimpy end up naked in the bath with a random family

7) When the dad of the random family answers the door naked

6) When Mr Horse is covered in ‘rubber nipples’ and has a Walrus held hostage

5) When Ren brutally beats a man senseless with a paddle

4) When some gangster babies restrain Ren and beat him

3) When Ren’s face was grated against sharp stubble

2) When Ren chews on soap and loses his mind

1) When Ren pretty much simulates sex while sawing wood behind Stimpy

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