The ‘Tempescope’ Shows You Exactly What The Weather’s Like Outside By Recreating It Inside A Box On Your Desk

This is absolute genius.

Here’s an idea so genius it’s wonder why we don’t all have one already — Japanese inventor Ken Kawamoto’s ‘Tempescope’.

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It works by downloading weather data from the Internet onto an accompanying smartphone app (both live and future weather if you want), and then mimicking it inside an aesthetically pleasing box device via Bluetooth.

The weather inside the box is created using fans, condensers, pumps, lights and dihydrogen monoxide. Kawamoto actually invented it a while back but for some reason, it hasn’t got onto the mass market yet:

Kawamoto has put up instructions on his website where you can try and build your own or alternatively you could wait for the Kickstarter he’s planning on launching this year. Take your sweet time about it mate yeah?

We’ll be sure to send one over to Kim Jong-un – his weather people are having a hard enough time as it is.


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