5 Telltale Signs That You Masturbate Too Much

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How much is too much?

How many wanks is too many wanks? Three? 10? 20? The reality is that there isn’t necessarily a set number for how much masturbation is too much.

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It can depend on height, weight, fitness levels or even your genetic make-up, meaning whether it’s 10 times a week or 10 times day, there’s no limit to the amount of Tom Tanking you can do before things get a little weird.

However, despite the fact there’s no set limit for how many wanks you can weave into the average day or week, there are definitely some obvious signs that your masturbation habit is getting out of control.

Sex addiction therapist and clinical counsellor Dan Drake revealed them during an interview with Men’s Health and, if any of the following applies to you, it’s a clear sign you are overdoing it on the solo sex acts.

Here are the five telltale signs you masturbate too much.

1. You wank at work

Do you ever find yourself in one of the toilet cubicles at work, thrashing one out during your lunch break or just ahead of that important team meeting? Or do you ever skip out on mates to watch a bit of porn and have a Pot Noodle?

If the answer is yes, then you clearly have a masturbation problem. The minute wanking starts to invade your work and social life, it’s a clear indicator that you’re enjoying too many Tommy Tanks. Calm it down.

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2. You hurt yourself

We all have that one mate who has a cracking story about the time they managed to seriously injure themselves during a bit of private porn time. But some injuries should be treated with a little more concern.

Penis injuries like mild skin chaffing and a disorder known as Peyronie’s disease, whereby excessive stroking can result in a build-up of plaque around the penis shaft, are both clear indicators you have been bashing the bishop way too much.

3. You spend all day thinking about it

Say you work in an office, at a computer – how often do you find yourself thinking about porn or just sex in general? Do you ever find yourself planning out wanks in advance?

If any of the above rings true, then there’s a strong chance you are overdoing it on the masturbation front once again. These kinds of intrusive, regular feelings are a clear indicator that your wanking has got out of control and is in danger of taking over your life. Tone it down.

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4. You take ages to do it

How long do you take to wank? If the answer is anything over, say, 10 to 20 minutes tops, then it could be a clear sign you need to seriously cut back or stop altogether.

A lot of wanking might mean you last longer in bed but too much wanking can often result in you being unable to come at all. It’s because the brain becomes acclimatised to the various strokes and movements employed in a solo sex session. So, if you find it takes ages to get yourself off, then it might be time to lay off it altogether.

5. You try to quit but can’t

So, you’ve realised you have a wanking problem, have tried to fix it, but can’t quite stop with the solo sex-a-thons. Well, that’s probably a sign you’ve got a serious issue.

Try to think of wanking like smoking – you’ve tried to give up and failed. So what should that tell you? That’s right: you’ve got a full-blown sex addiction. And not the Michael Douglas, having sex with random women kind, more the constantly wanking at work and at home and thinking about it incessantly when you are not able to do it at work or at home.

The minute you lose control, is the minute you must acknowledge the truth: you are masturbating way too much and seriously need to cut down dude.

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