Teacher Arrested For Sending Step-By-Step ‘How To Masturbate’ Snapchat Guide To Female Student


Extra curricular activities.

It’s not uncommon for teachers to go above and beyond the call of duty in their line of work in order to help their students. However, I think that teaching them how to masturbate in graphic details is probably a step too far.

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Still, that line of thought didn’t stop married 41-year-old PE teacher Alyssa London, who ended up exchanging over 129,000 messages with a 14-year-old student at Apopka Memorial Middle School, Florida. Yes, of course this happened in Florida. Many of these messages involved guidance on how to make yourself come.

London (pictured below) started sending Snapchat messages to the girl when she was in her class last year, but her obsession grew to the point that her husband actually thought that she was having an affair with another man because she spent so much time on her phone. In fact, she was doing that as well, as she bragged to the student via text that she had cheated on her husband at least ten times in recent years.

A colleague also stated that she regularly saw London massaging the 14-year-old’s shoulders and that, “they would constantly touch each other’s backs, legs and hair.” The pair also had many clandestine meetings in parks and churches outside of school hours.


Despite all of this though, it seems as though the duo weren’t actually engaged in sexual activity. London regularly said that she had fallen in love with the teen, but often referred to her as her daughter rather than anything sexual. The girl also said that she saw London as more of a mentor than a lover.

Once the relationship had been discovered, the girl was forced to switch schools and London was banned from talking to her by police. Of course, they kept messaging and seeing each other though, so London was eventually arrested and now faces 22 criminal charges. These include solicitation to commit sexual battery, transmitting harmful information to a child and contributing to child delinquency.

In a police interview she denied any wrongdoing, telling police that she didn’t know how to use messaging apps and had been hacked. 129,000 times though? Pull the other one mate.


This incident really does sound like a case of them both being as bad as each other. The teen stated how she lied that she had been raped and abused by her family to make her life seem more interesting and manipulate London into liking her. It seems like it worked a treat and the relationship was what they both wanted, although to the outside world it obviously seems completely weird… because it is.

I’ve no idea if they were involved with each other sexually or not, but either way the whole situation is weird and creepy – what kind of an adult teaches a teenager how to masturbate? Figure it out or read a book or go on the internet, it’s not that hard. And what kind of adult wants to spend all their time hanging out with a teenager in the first place?

London probably deserves some kind of reprimand for her actions and she will get one, but this will probably only make stuff for the teenager worse. Given the fact that we’re in Florida, I imagine we’ll hear from the teen in a few years because she’s so messed up from this she’ll end up doing something insane like having sex with an alligator.

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