Watch This Televangelist Laugh Maniacally At The Media For Declaring Joe Biden The Winner

Super creepy.

It’s been well documented that Trump and his supporters are not happy that Joe Biden has been declared the President elect over in America and are looking to somehow appeal the result and demand a recount, but the behaviour of this weird televangelist really has to be seen to be believed.

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The man in question is Kenneth Copeland who held some kind of prayer group on Saturday morning when somebody told him that the media had declared Biden the President. He immediately starts laughing and it goes on for so long that it becomes really uncomfortable and almost super villain esque – take a look at the footage below and see what you think:

That’s very weird isn’t it, but some people have pointed out that he’s probably doing this deliberately to gain traction to what he’s saying by making the video go viral and also to try and brainwash people into coming around to this point of view. However you interpret it though, I don’t think there’s any denying that it’s super creepy and bizarrely surreal – almost like something you would see in a David Lynch or Nicolas Winding-Refn movie. I suppose this is where we are now in 2020 though.

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