Tekashi69 Is Snitching On His Buddies In Court, Here’s A Word For Word Transcript Of What He’s Saying

Witness protection with a massive 69 tattooed on your face.

For months we’ve been hearing about how rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has become a federal witness and will have to testify against his own friends/fellow gang members in court so that he can walk away a free man into witness protection (good luck with those face tats).

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Well the time has finally come and sure enough Tekashi (real name Daniel Hernandez) is in court singing his heart out and pointing out his buddies to the judge and jury.

A bunch of people are covering the activity in court as it happens, so we’ll just run through what’s out there since proceedings kicked off this week. 

First, Tekashi takes to the stand:

They then start to break down the making of Tekashi’s smash song ‘GUMMO’ and even played it loudly in court. I really wish someone was in the court recording all this because it would make must-watch content one day.

Can you imagine this ridiculous-looking rapper on the witness stand snitching on all his former gang friends to their face while a bunch of old white lawyers are stood there breaking down the lyrics to his unbelievably violent song lyric for lyric. Again I really hope someone is filming the whole thing and we get to see it one day.

He then snitches on fellow rapper Trippie Redd:

He then goes into the whole initiation/leadership structure of the gang he was involved with – wild stuff:

Tekashi also explained how he arranged for fellow rapper Chief Keef to be shot to death and promised a $20,000 (£16,000) payment to the gunman. However, the fee was later reduced to $10,000 (£8,000) after Tekashi discovered that the hitman had only fired one shot and missed his target. Amateur!

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So that’s what it takes to get yourself in heaps of trouble and still walk away a free man – snitch on absolutely everyone and everything and then be given your new life in witness protection. Witness protection with a massive 69 tattooed on your forehead? Let’s see how that goes.

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For full background info on how Tekashi wound up in this mess in the first place, click HERE.


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