The Teeterboard Is The Most Extreme Version Of A Trampoline Ever


Devin Supertramp pulls it out of the bag again.

Devin Supertramp has a long tradition of making some of the most fun looking videos on the internet – like this one of him and his buddies hanging out in the most beautiful looking creek ever with a 50 foot rope swing – and unsurprisingly his latest offering is another massive slice of entertainment that makes you wish you were there hanging out with him.

In it, he’s crated what he refers to as the teeterboard which is basically just a see saw but instead of sitting on each end the guys are standing on it and doing loads of crazy spins and backflips on them every time they get propelled into the air.

Although it does look like mad fun like all of Devin’s videos, it’s got to be said that if it was me in that situation then it would would probably face plant and mess up all my teeth or shatter my leg like this guy because there is no way I can flip anything like any of these dudes.

Still, that doesn’t stop it from looking like the most fun ever.


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