Teens Take Homeless Man To Nando’s Promising To Feed Him, Instead Run Off And Leave Him Without Food

Homeless Man Nando's

Despicable behaviour.

Making fun of homeless people is absolutely not cool as a lot of the time they’re just the victims of cruel circumstances who find themselves in their situation through no fault of their own.

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Nevertheless, some people do find it amusing to mock them and this story is yet again proof that such a culture exists. It involves three teenage girls who decided to take an unknown homeless man to Nando’s, promise him free food and then leave him stranded there without any food, deeply embarrassed. They then apparently followed him around the town of Woolwich, South London, taunting him and filming his reaction.

The whole incident was brought to the attention of the public eye by another diner in the Nando’s named Sally Cudmore, who posted the following on Facebook:

Homeless Nandos

Case closed huh? Well, apparently not because one of the girls in the video has apparently come forward and shared her side of the story, giving a very different account of what actually went down in the restaurant and the moments proceeding and after it. Sally isn’t having any of it at all though:


Not really sure to believe here, although the overwhelming verdict on the Facebook page – which includes accounts from other witnesses – seems to be that the girls were absolutely in the wrong. Here are a selection of comments backing them up:

Don’t try and justify yourself, we saw you and have you on video. One of the girls even chucked something at him.

Even a taxi driver told you girls to leave him alone because you was hiding behind cars and then jumping out trying to scare him. Disgrace.

They continued to follow the man all around Woolwich – he even tried to escape them by going into the train station poor man.

Sounds like they were definitely in the wrong – although there will probably be some developments in the story over the next couple of days. A lot of people are saying they’re going to track the homeless guy down so it probably won’t be too long until his side of the story emerges.

Given that the homeless man who helped the Manchester attackers turned out to be a thief, I’m not that confident that there isn’t more than meets the eye to this story. Say tuned.


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