Watch These Teens Get Willingly Pepper Sprayed In The Face At High School

Pepper Sprayed

This is what classes in 2017 look like.

If you got offered 8% of what you needed to graduate for getting pepper sprayed in the face, would you do it?

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That’s the question that pupils at Barberton High School in Ohio were faced with and many of them decided to accept it. As you can see in the video below, many of them probably instantly regretted the decision:

Ouch. Having been in the middle of some pepper spray in the past and that absolutely fucking me up, I can’t imagine how bad it must be to be sprayed directly in the eyes. Not cool at all.

Many of you are probably contemplating why getting pepper sprayed in the face is now a legitimate school class, and that’s a perfectly reasonable question. Apparently it’s part of a course for students who are planning to go into law enforcement so they can fully understand the effects of pepper spray.

Everyone who took part in the exercise did so willingly with the consent of their parents and were given one of the twelve points needed to graduate for the participation. To be honest though, it sounds utterly sadistic that all of these parents and teachers wanted to pepper spray their kids?! Like why the fuck would you let that happen to your kids and if you were a teacher why would you even propose it in the first place? Absolutely beyond bizarre – I hope I never end up in Barberton raising my kids, let’s put it that way.

For more pepper spray, check out this guy in Russia spraying himself in the face with pepper spray. It’s a bad idea man.


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