Teenager’s Nose Left Hanging Off His Face After Savage Attack From Jack Russell (NSFL)

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A teenage boy named Aiden Noel had to have emergency surgery after a Jack Russell bit his nose off.

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The savage attack meant Aiden, 19, had to have a flap of skin removed from his forehead in order to help repair his nose. And now he faces up to three more operations in order to fully restore his face.

Aiden Noel

The initial surgery means that Aiden cannot currently laugh as the stiches feel “very tight”.

Apparently the tiny dog, which belonged to his friend, lunged at his face before biting off the chunk of his nose last year.

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He says the wounds have left him feeling self-conscious:

I feel self-conscious being face to face – I feel I’m being stared at quite a lot. Sometimes it makes me feel down a bit, obviously with what I’m having to go through.

They glued my forehead together so it’s really tight. If I’m laughing at all it feels like the stitching is pulling apart.

I bent down to stroke the dog, Milo, he was on the sofa and as I bent down there was no warning – he didn’t growl, he didn’t bark at me.

I started to stroke him on the side of the neck and as I lent in further – I was about a foot away – from him, he just lunged forward and bit me on the end of my nose.

My first reaction was to pull away… after I had done that I was in a bit of shock.

My friend said, ‘You’re bleeding. Seriously you’re missing a chunk off your nose’ and he took me in the bathroom and showed me in the mirror.

Literally I just looked in the mirror and could just see my whole nose from the bottom was red, all around my mouth was red and it was all going on the floor. It was quite heavy bleeding.

I knew the dog for months. The first few times it was obviously quite aggressive – it’s tried to bite me before on the leg – but I got to know it, I had the dog sitting on my lap stroking it and it was fine.

Clearly this attack was completely out of the blue, but it’s still baffling that such a small and calm natured breed of dog could cause this kind of damage. It just goes to show that we should never judge a dog by its breed.

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