Teenagers Are Dressing Up As Mask-Wearing Grandmas To Buy Booze Underage

Finally, the kids are doing something smart.

Generation-Z kids have got a bit of a reputation for being lazy, entitled, screen-addicted brats, but it looks like they may have actually pulled off a stroke of genius this time by taking advantage of the pandemic and masking up to score some alcohol.

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No need for a fake ID when you can just hit up the newsagent dressed as an elderly grandma in a coronavirus mask:

@claare__18Granny be looking a little different here!🤪🍻🍻 ##PRANK ##alcoholchallenge ##FYP ##4thOfJuly ##WearAMask

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I’m actually impressed. Bravo, zoomers! Well done. Just when you thought they were all completely incapable of doing things for themselves they go ahead and pull a stunt like this. I didn’t actually think it was going to work but they totally pulled it off. Although I will say it’s a bit of a dumbass move filming the stunt and sticking it online for millions of people on the internet to watch. I’m not a psychic but I sense that part of the plan could backfire on them. Other than that though? Genius.

For a look at Gen-Z absolutely roasting Millennials on TikTok, click HERE.


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