Teenager Left Brain Damaged After Taking MDMA Makes First Steps To Recovery

It’s all looking rather positive.

Do you all remember the shocking story of the teenager left brain damaged after taking MDMA?

Back then the 16 year old Amy Thomson fell into a coma after taking a capsule full of MDMA.

Brain Damage MDMA

Although she came to, she was left brain-damaged and in a wheelchair – no one really knew how well she would recover.

But reports have shown she has managed her first few steps and her main goal is to get out of the wheelchair fully.

It is all looking rather positive. A support page run by Amy’s mum Tricia and other family and friends said:

Amy still in her chair but walked 30 yards before the holidays.

A machine supports her upper body while her legs walk the walk.

She said it feels like having her heart ripped out as it’s so painful but she will keep working hard as walking is her main goal.

Amy is well and enjoying the extended break from rehab — 2015 is behind us now and it’s taught us a lot.

Amy-Thomson (1)

She has also made progress with speech and movement, which is all round really good news. Hopefully she will make a full recovery. Shame that this couldn’t have worked out the same for that teenager who took a bad batch of pills on NYE.


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