Teenager Facing Life In Jail For Killing Man Who ‘Raped Her And Sold Her For Sex’


A 19-year-old girl has been told she faces life in prison after murdering the man she accused of raping her.

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Chrystul Kizer was one of around a dozen girls who Randy Volar had targeted and sexually abused, having met him when she was 16. In 2018, two years later, she shot him twice in the head at his home in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She then set his body on fire and fled the scene in his BMW.

Chrystul (outrageous spelling of ‘Crystal’ btw) admitted what she had done and it turned out that Volar had been arrested four months earlier on charges of child enticement.

Here are the remains of his home after Chrystul was done with him:

Chrystul told the Washington Post that she had met Volar on a prostitution website that was later closed down for facilitating human trafficking.

His sexual demands became increasingly extreme and she eventually decided to distance herself from him after becoming more serious with her boyfriend, which Volar didn’t take well at all.

He had started to talk violent and stuff. I was going to stop talking to him, and he said if I did that he was going to kill me.

Chrystul’s boyfriend had given her a gun and taught her how to use it, and then one day when the two of them had an argument she went round to Volar’s house to eat pizza and smoke weed ‘as friends’.

She says Volar gave her a drug and she began to feel strange. That’s when he made a move on her:

He started to touch my leg and then like I had jumped and tell him that I didn’t want to do that. I just thought that I didn’t want to do that stuff anymore because I was trying to change.

I tried to get up, to get away from him but I had tripped, and I fell on the floor, and he had got on top of me.

And he was trying to like, rip my pants off, my jeans that I had on. … I was, like, wiggling. Cause once me and [boyfriend] had fought, he had tried to pin me down, but I’ll wiggle to get loose.

She then shot him and fled the scene at 5am, but cannot remember going for the gun or setting his body on fire.

So Chrystul’s lawyers wanted to use a Wisconsin law that allows sex trafficking victims to be acquitted of certain charges if it can be proven that they did it because of the trafficking, but the judge turned that down because it’s basically her word against the word of a dead man. She needs to prove that she killed him in self defence but there’s no real way of doing that or obviously putting him on trial because she shot him dead and then burnt his remains.

Tragic situation for the young woman but I guess you can’t just kill someone, say that they were trying to rape you, and then go free just like that. Her lawyers are appealing the first degree murder charge regardless so we’ll have to see what happens.

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