Teenager Gets Mike Tyson Henna Tattoo; Ends Up With Permanent One Instead

James Colley


A teenager was left with severe, long-lasting facial scars after getting a Mike Tyson style face tattoo.

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The tattoo was done with henna, meaning it should have only been semi-permanent (because who the hell would want the Mike Tyson face tattoo?) but unfortunately the scars on his face are not temporary.

Mike Tyson

James Colley, 18, from Cardiff got the tat while on holiday in Zante last week. He clearly had a bad reaction to the ink and was left with red scarring which he claims could be on his face for up to five years. Good luck trying to find a job with that monstrosity on your face.

On the plus side, he did see the funny side of it, and posted the image on Twitter alongside the caption:

Got a Euro 10 @MikeTyson henna tattoo in Zante, it’s only gone and scarred my face for the next 3-5 years.

James Colley James Colley

Apparently it’s not uncommon for people to have bad reactions to temporary henna tattoos, as some of them contain the chemical paraphenylenediamine, which can burn the skin. So I suppose as with real tattoos, it’s probably best not to get anything too dumb in case you end up with a five year mistake.

While we’re on the topic of tattoo mishaps, here’s the story of a tattooist who ended up in jail after drawing a penis on a woman’s back instead of a yin yang symbol.


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