Tattooist Goes To Jail For Drawing Penis On Woman’s Back Instead Of Yin Yang Symbol

Always go to a reputable tattooist.

If you’re ever going to get a tattoo, you should probably make sure that you’re going to someone who is a) reputable and b) good, rather than just getting the first jerk that you come across to ink you up.

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Unfortunately, not everyone seems to live their life by those rules and it really stung this 21-year-old woman in Austria who asked her friend to tattoo a Yin Yang symbol on her back but ended up getting a penis and the word ‘fuck’ written there instead. It happened in the small town of St. Pölten and it turns out that the tattooist was extra sneaky about it too as he traced out the outline for the symbol and even showed it to her to confirm it before tattooing it on her. What a son of a bitch.


The woman only found out when she went back home and looked in the mirror. For some reason she hadn’t done this when she was at the guy’s house getting tattooed (he was only an amateur tattooist) which is kinda dumb, but as soon as she found out she burst into tears and went to the police.

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The tattooist (neither of these people can be named for some reason and unfortunately we don’t have a picture either, that’s just another picture of a penis tattoo we found online) was charged with bodily harm, along with charges for burglary and violent offences and is now going to be serving three and a half years in the slammer. The best part about this whole story is when the guy was asked why he did it by the judge, he responded with ‘just because’. Of course that was why he did it. Coherent guy.

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