A Teenager Earned $100K During Lockdown From Having Sex With 50 Year Old Women In The Hamptons

What a hustle.

Right now, I haven’t actually heard that many stories about how people used their time spent in lockdown over the last few months in super productive fashion to make a whole bunch of money, but this Twitter story might be the start of us hearing about some of the more unusual hustles people have been involved in during the quarantine.

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We might as well just dive right into it:

Wow. That sounds like the best summer job ever, especially during a summer like this one when there were barely any other opportunities for employment as well. Can’t really imagine anything much better than smashing hot older women – you know they’re hot if they live in the Hamptons because all rich old women are hot – and getting paid for the privilege.

I guess you can argue it’s a form of sexual abuse that could affect him later on in life, but the kid is 20 and sounds like he knows what he’s doing so will hopefully be OK. Would probably affect him more that his parents know now and even more if they return his hard earned cash. Really hope they don’t do that and he goes on to do something great with it, like starting his own Fortnite team or something. That would be really inspirational.

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