Teenage Muslim Girl’s Parents Force Her To Shave Head For Donald Trump Hoax Story

This girl is paying a brutal price for her lies.

A Muslim teenager who lied to police about being racially abused by three drunk Trump supporters on a Manhattan train showed up to court with a shaved head – her punishment by her Egyptian parents for bringing shame to their family.

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18-year-old Yasmin Seweid claimed three drunk Trump supporters confronted her on a train on December 1, called her a ‘terrorist’ and tried to rip off her hijab.

She wrote a status about it on Facebook and it went viral. After she’d reported the crime though, Yasmin went missing and sparked a massive missing person’s appeal.

It turns out she’d made up the story to cover up for the fact she had been out drinking late with friends, including her Christian boyfriend who her parents disapprove of.


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Obviously this was a very stupid move on Yasmin’s part but at the same time, the girl’s 18 years old. I know you’re technically an ‘adult’ at 18 but let’s be honest, you’re not really are you? I’m well out of my teens and even I forget that I’m supposed to be an adult sometimes.

At the end of the day, getting drunk with your Christian boyfriend is the ultimate bad girl thrill for any Muslim 18-year-old. Especially when you’ve got strict as fuck Muslim parents. The reason she made up this outrageous lie about Trump supporters attacking her is because she was terrified of telling her parents the truth. Obviously it backfired in her face but she wouldn’t have had to tell the lie if her parents weren’t such dicks in the first place.

Shaving her head was a tad bit harsh, that’s all I’m saying. Almost as bad as how these Japanese parents punished their kid for throwing stones in the street.


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