Teenage Girls Upload Brutal 4-On-1 Attack On Friend During Drunken Sleepover

Absolutely despicable stuff.

A family is suing the mother who hosted a girls’ sleepover at her house after one of the girls became a victim of a relentless 4-on-1 beat-down at the hands of her supposed friends.

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The attack lasted for 10 minutes and is way too stress-inducing to watch in its entirety, but you can catch clips of it in the report below featuring the victim and her family.

The attack took place at a home in Anchorage, Alaska, where the group of girls – who had been drinking pretty heavily – suddenly turned on Naomi in the garage. Naomi’s dad wants to know why the mum didn’t intervene, and why she provided the girls with alcohol.

Watch the report below:

Wayne Johnson wants $100,000 in damages from the mum, costs he says his family incurred after paying Naomi’s medical bills and pulling her out of school in favour of home-schooling.

The most baffling thing about the whole incident — well, other than the fact the attack even took place — is that the police haven’t issued any charges against the attackers and it’s been 4 MONTHS.

Why anyone would want beef with Naomi when her dad’s got what must be the biggest biceps in Alaska is beyond me. Respect to the guy for not going on an all-out rampage and instead opting to deal with the whole thing the ‘proper’ way. Also big respect to Naomi for being brave enough to talk about it – no doubt these idiots are going to get some kind of punishment now that the story’s picking up some traction.

What really would’ve been great is if she went into full-on beast mode like that Hawaiian guy who took on 10 people and won, though I guess he was a bit lucky too.


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