18-Year-Old Driver Banned After Insane ‘Dukes Of Hazard’ Style Crash Into Norfolk Roundabout (VIDEO)

dukes of hazard crash

All speed, no limit.

Most of you remember what it was like when you first got your driver’s license, right? Navigating the roads in a third-hand Fiat 500 with obsessive vigilance, hoping not to crash into a ditch and immediately get your car written off.

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The same definitely can’t be said for this kid. Ryan Lamb, 18, has received an immediate ban from driving after dashcam footage caught him crashing into a roundabout over in Norfolk.

Looking like a scene out of Dukes of Hazard, the van slams into the roundabout before flying into the air.

It was later discovered Lamb, who was 17 at the time, was on his way to Sundown music festival at the Norfolk Showground when he crashed on the A11 at Attleborough last year. Guess he just really couldn’t wait to get there.

But unfortunately his recklessness has cost him his license after the teen was found guilty of dangerous driving at Norwich Magistrates’ Court last week.

Not only has he been banned from the roads for a year, but he’s also got to do an extended retest, pay £310 to the CPS cost, complete 80 hours’ unpaid work AND pay £85 victim surcharge.

Yeowch! That’s one expensive music festival – let’s hope it was worth it.

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