Teen Threatened To Kill EasyJet Cabin Crew After Being Asked To Wear Mask



A teenager has been jailed after threatening to kill EasyJet cabin crew after they asked him to wear a face mask.

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Kieran Harris, 19, left two air hostesses fearing for their lives when he began ‘foaming at the mouth’ during a vodka-fuelled tirade after being asked to cover his face.

During the 3-hour flight from Alicante to Manchester on March 13, Kieran told Caroline Callaghan:

I know people – I’m not scared of the police.

Kieran then turned on her colleague Dorota Kazimierczak, demanding she give him oral sex after she asked him not to remove his seatbelt as the plane prepared for landing.

In an expletive-laden rant, Harris, from Liverpool, told the Polish flight attendant:

Come here and make me, and while you’re at it, suck my d*ck.

I will f*ck you up. You and your stupid sh*t Eastern European accent. I will f*cking kill you. Bring your boyfriend here, and I will f*cking kill him too. I’ve killed people, and I will kill you as well.

Blimey! Well in the end Kieran, who was flying alone, didn’t end up doing anything, and was instead escorted off the flight by police after the plane carrying 177 passengers and crew touched down at Manchester Airport.

In a subsequent statement, Ms Callaghan said:

During my four years of flying, I have never dealt with a situation like this. He was aggressive to many people and uncontrollable and I felt scared.

I was just glad for the assistance of the captain and police. The situation was distressing and incredibly difficult to deal with. He became intoxicated very quickly.

I’m not sure whether this was because of alcohol or drugs, because he was foaming at the mouth.

Her co-worker, Ms Kazimierczak, said:

I feared for my personal safety but had to remain a professional for the benefit of those on the flight.

There were elderly passengers and some children upset by his behaviour.

Sounds like young Kieran caused quite the scene. In Manchester Magistrates’ Court, he pleaded guilty to being drunk on an aircraft and using threatening behaviour and was jailed for 12 weeks. Wonder if he’ll be mouthing off at anyone like that in prison?

He was also ordered to pay Ms Kazimierczak £250 in compensation.

Given Kieran is a teenager with no previous convictions, it may seem a bit harsh that he’s been jailed for 12 weeks as he didn’t actually physically harm anyone. However such was the distress he caused and the fact his outburst took place on a plane probably didn’t help his case either.

Defending, Georgia Maudsley said:

Clearly, there was distress caused to the cabin crew and passengers and he is ashamed by his own behaviour.

He used alcohol during the flight to calm his nerves as he suffers from flight anxiety. He was flying alone, and his actions are completely out of character.

He is still a teenager and is immature, and accepts on that day, he acted extremely immaturely.

He struggles to engage socially with people he doesn’t know. He resides with his father and is employed in his father’s business fitting blinds.

Welp, sounds like the blind-fitting business will have to wait. Best of luck to Kieran in the slammer!

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