17-Year-Old Son KO’s Stepdad For Abusing His Mum (VIDEO)

Years of pent up resentment led to his moment.

It’s never nice to see any familial situation escalate to the point of violence, but if it does have to happen, better a situation where one could morally argue it was deserved. For example, this 17-year-old teenager avenging his mum by knocking his drunk, abusive stepdad’s lights out. 

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Here’s how that played out in this video uploaded to Worldstar earlier:

I don’t know if this kid’s ever done that before but I don’t think that could have gone any better for him. What was probably years or months of pent-up rage from watching/hearing his mum being mistreated and abused all came out in a flash when his stepdad tried to step to him instead. 

However, the young man may regret losing his cool because I’m pretty sure you can’t be knocking people out like that, even if it is your drunken asshole stepdad. There doesn’t seem to be any follow-up on the video so let’s hope the stepdad woke up the next day with no recollection of what happened which allows the kid to pretend like it never happened. Even more so, let’s hope he and his mum have nothing more to do with this guy. 

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