Great Video Of Handcuffed Teen Escaping From Police On Florida Beach As Spring Breakers Cheer Him On

For 30 seconds, he was a legend.

A Spring Breaker over in Florida managed to become a legend for about 30 seconds as he escaped a cop car and legged it across the beach in handcuffs while dozens of his peers cheered him on (and in the process alerted police to what was happening, but never mind that).

Just an all time exhilarating moment for the lad:

Big up this kid for the assist:

It really looked from that clip like the boy may have pulled off his escape successfully. Let’s say the police hadn’t taken down his name yet, all he would have to do is get to safety somewhere, figure out a way to get those handcuffs off and boom – freedom. Not even so much as a slap on the wrist.

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it far at all…

Seemed completely knackered by the end there. He just wasn’t in good enough shape to pull it off, especially bombing it through sand. And so before he knew it, this cop popped out from behind the beach and was ready to tase him into oblivion. No choice but to surrender:

What really would have made this video an all time classic was a) if the kid escaped to freedom or b) he faceplanted into the sand after the cops tased him. Unfortunately neither of those things happened, but still a fun video nonetheless.

To watch the Russian teen who murdered his sister try to escape from court and fail miserably, click HERE. That was never gonna work.


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